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3D Areola Restoration

A breast can greatly affect an individual confidence and self-image. ColorBay's goal is to help alleviate the depression and anxiety and make our clients feel  their self again. We strive to re-create the desired color and look of a natural areola. This tattoo technique deposits colored pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis. This treatment is safe and noninvasive, with little to no downtime. Numbing cream will be applied throughout the service and we will proceed at your pace. 
If you or someone you know, has had a Masectomy or any type of breast surgery, including reductions, or any irregular and/or fading of the areolas, ColorBay can restore and enhance the look of your breast.
Areola re-pigmentation is one of our specialty, paramedical, services that we offer. We use a combination of lights and shadows to create the perfect 3D areolas for you. This service can be completed whether or not your surgeon has completed the nipple reconstruction, if needed.
We also provide scar camouflage and can camouflage any scars you may have on your breast. Most common scars are seen in Breast Augmentation or Reduction procedures. Please note that fair/lighter complexion clients will heal softer/lighter and dark complexion will heal darker. You will choose your areola color and shape with our trained and certified Permanent Makeup Artist to fit your individual needs!

We use pigments made specifically for permanent cosmetic procedures. Our goal is to give you the best and safest results possible.

Permanent makeup has the ability to last up to 3 years, however annual retouches are recommended.