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Microblading and Microshading


  •  If you are a Diabetic, have Keloid Skin or currently receiving Chemotherapy, you are not a candidate for this treatment. Clients going through chemotherapy or radiation must wait one year for Microblading and/or Microshading. If you have recently received a Chemical Peel, please wait 30 days before booking your appointment. Lastly, no facial scrubs, AHA or any facial exfoliants, 72 hours before your appointment. For questions, please email divinehaircomp@gmail.com.

  • DO NOT drink alcohol or take any blood thinning medications (I.e. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin, etc.) 24 hours before your appointment.


  • DO NOT get excessive sun or use a tanning bed 30 days BEFORE and/or AFTER your appointment.


Microblading is Semi-Permanent Makeup (i. e. Eyebrow Embroidery, 3D Brows, or Hair Strokes). Microblading is a new method for permanent makeup cosmetics.

  • This is a manual method that inserts pigment into the epidermis of the skin.


  • Microblading is for anyone who is unsatisfied with their eyebrows or would like to wake up everyday without attempting to create the perfect brows.


  • Individuals with overly plucked brows, little to no brows, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, receiving chemotherapy or radiation, and much more, will benefit greatly from this luxury service!


  • Pain level: 1-5 on a scale of 1-10 depending on pain tolerance, and if the skin accepts the numbing products used.

  • This procedure will last up to 1 year and has the ability to last up to 3 years, however a touch up is recommended to keep the brows flawless.

  • Semi-Permanent means that the brows will fade over time. Everyone has different skin types. The healing process is different and it is a possibility the skin will reject the pigments used.


  • Oily skin will tend to fade faster than dry skin. For example, a client with oily skin may need a touch up in 6-12 months, and a client with skin that is dry will need a touch up in 12-18 months after the initial appointment.


  • This Procedure takes 2 sessions when introducing this new product to the skin. The first appointment will be to set the foundation and shape of the brows. The second appointment will be to perfect the brows, make them fuller, darker, and to the client’s desired brow shape.


  • It is important to schedule your appointments around your schedule, because your brows will be patchy, they will peel, they will be darker for the first 5-7 days, and you may not want to be seen somewhere important like a business meeting or interview!




A sealant is applied directly after that needs to stay on for the next 3 days. (DO NOT WASH OFF). You may experience redness and swelling up to 48 hours following.


  • The microbladed area will appear around 40% darker and bolder during the initial healing process. In the first week you will begin to see the area soften and the color will start to lighten while healing. The strokes may become itchy and flaky during the first two weeks. *Do not pick/scratch the pigment*


  • During the first 5-7 days ,it is important to stay away from saunas, UV light, direct sunlight, sweating, swimming, facials, and getting your brows wet. When washing your face wipe around the brow area. After, the first 5-7 days your brows will start to peel and scab. Please do not touch your brows at all. Allow them to heal on their own.

  • Please note that in the first 6 weeks the amount of pigment that you notice fades varies from client to client. You may feel like you are loosing too much color, however please be advised that the skin regenerates the pigment, and the healing process can in some cases hide the strokes completely. You must allow the full healing time of 6 weeks to see the true color.

  •  Please do not panic your brows will heal correctly, and whatever pigment is lost, we will be able to fix it at the touch up appointment.

How do I care for my brows?

In the first 72 hours keep area dry.

  • For 7 days apply the balm 3 times a day, with a cotton swab.

  • Before each application cleanse the area with a cotton swab and just a dab of water.

  • Avoid soaps for 10 days when cleansing your face or showering.


There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for any SERVICES done by Dezaree’ Lusk. Please make sure this is what you want and you are clear on your standards for your brows. You will be asked to sign a consent form and if a client declines, or is not honest about their health conditions, Divine Hair Co. has the right to refuse service.

Combination "Ombre"


-Cobination of strokes at the front and shading towards the tail.

Healing Process


Microshading "Powder" Brow


-Last up to 1- 1 1/2 years!
-Last up to 3 years!