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Here at Divine Hair Co, LLC we have the right to terminate/refuse services to anyone that does not adhere to our polices.

Unwanted conversation, harassment and/or miss use of our time WILL NOT BE TOLIRATED.



- I try to be on time to the best of my ability, in return I ask for my clients to value mines and other clients time please try to be 10 minutes early for your appointment. If your are going to be late please give me a call so that I may adjust for you and other clients behind you.

- Be sure to advise stylist in advance of allergies & sensitivities you may

have before a service that involves any color dyes and/or chemicals so that you can be further assisted.

- Booking future appointments after being serviced is recommended so that your schedule can be accommodated.

- Children are allowed if they are being serviced.

- No pets allowed in the salon.


Methods of Payment:

- Cash, debit and or credit cards are acceptable.

- Checks are not accepted.



-All prices are subject to change at the discretion of management.



- While a deposits are not required for appointments you MUST place a card on file when scheduling your appointment in order for your appointment to be held.



- These policies have been implemented due to high demand of services. - If you need to cancel & reschedule please do so 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment so that others can book accordingly.

- Same day cancellation and/or cancellation after 24 hours will result into a cancellation fee of 75% of the total service(s) of the appointment schedule.

-After 15 minutes of late your appointment is automatically cancelled and you Will be charged the cancellation fee. However you will be able to reschedule.

- After 3 cancellations/ No shows you will be required to prepay for your entire service at booking. After 4 cancellations/No shows you will not be allowed to reschedule nor further book with me.



Return Policy:

- It is my goal to satisfy clients before they leave.

- All sales are final once you leave the salon.

- If a style becomes uncomfortable in any way within a FEW days feel free to return to have it adjusted.


Social Media:

- Stylist uses social media for advertising purposes, when capturing before and after images please make stylist aware if you would not like to be used on their portfolio. 

- Covering face is optional.

Other Tips For Your Visit:

- Your time is valued in the chair & I work diligently to get you in & out in a professional & timely manner.

- You are in for an intriguing, knowledgeable & positive experience.

- As a courtesy to you appointment reminders are sent out days before scheduled appointment

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