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If you live in the Houston area, appointments can be made to install your new unit at www.divinebeautybar.com/book-online.



10inch Bob(shown above)
100% Virgin Human Hair

150% density.

Email divinehaircomp@gmail.com for different type of hair, more density, 13x6 Lace Front or for a length not shown. Additional fees may apply.

Are you currently experiencing hair loss (Alopecia)?
If so, please see "Insurance Coverage" to find out how your VA Benefits or Health Insurance can cover your unit! HSA/FSA is accepted, please email divinehaircomp@gmail.com to use your Health Savings Account or FSA.

NOTE: Each wig will come with 3 combs sewn in the inside and an adjustable strap. This unit will arrive pre-plucked for you, however your stylist will need to customize the unit to your hairline and add "baby hair" as well as bleach the knots for your desired look. Bleached knots does cause shedding and our lace is thin and transparent enough to not bleach the knots.

Bob Life

Cap Construction
  • To incorporate cap measurements, please submit head measurements and/or custom color in the box option located on the check out page (see FAQ). Please be mindful that all orders ships out within 3 days however, custom orders will take up to 4 weeks create.

  • In addition, if you would like to add the Non-slip material in your wig please note that at checkout in the box. Also, state if you are a patient who has a prescription from the doctor requiring a hair prostheis. You will need an itemized receipt to submit with the rest of your documents, for insurance purposes (please see Insurance Coverage).

    Non-Slip Enhanced Wigs

    Divine Diva incorporates a material known as artificial skin to hair prosthesis for people that have hair less than 2" on their scalp. This non-slip material can be added to any wig and worn by anyone. This is a great option for women experiencing hair loss due to various reasons such as Chemotherapy as well as for people who are "natural," and members of the LGBTQIA+ community that are in their transitioning phase! The non-slip material is sewn carefully into position in order to ensure that the wig will not slide, remain light weight, and most importantly, comfortable. No petroleum products are use which, make this product non-allergenic.