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Grade 8A
14 Inch
100% Virgin Human Hair
Are you currently experiencing hair loss (Alopecia)?
If so, please see "Insurance Coverage."

NOTE: Each wig will come with 3 combs sewn in the inside and an adjustable strap, except for the Mono-filament wigs. The Mono-filament wigs are constructed with Polyurethane straps that are placed to allow individuals to use tape/glue to secure the wig. Non-slip material is recommended for Mono-filament wigs.


Cap Construction
Non-Slip Material?
  • To incorporate cap measurements, please submit head measurements and/or custom color in the box option located on the checkout page (see FAQ). Please be mindful that all orders ships out within 3 days however, custom orders such as additional lengths and/or pure blonde wigs can take up to 4-5 weeks to create. Please email divinehaircomp@gmail.com for questions about wigs that are completely blonde.